Lori’s Tuna Salad
Lori’s Tuna Salad
    1. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze all of the juice from the albacore tuna and place in a bowl. Add the remainder of the ingredients and mix together. This recipe generally serves about 4 sandwiches or enough for 4 salads.
    Recipe Notes

    Cook’s Notes!
    For the sandwich: At the restaurant we used Orowheat Winter Wheat rolls or slices. The crunchy and hearty texture of this bread seemed to be the perfect complement to Lori’s Tuna Salad.

    For the salad: We combined chopped Romaine, finely diced fresh Roma tomatoes and small chunks of gourmet cheeses, blending in sweet balsamic vinaigrette. Over the bed of Romaine, we heaped a generous scoop of Lori’s Tuna Salad right over top.