Greek Manestra
Greek Manestra
    For the Dutch Oven Method:
    1. Generously sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides of short ribs. In a hot skillet with olive oil, brown ribs. When browned, add mint and onion cooking until onions are tender. Add tomato sauce, cinnamon and cloves. Simmer until meat is tender, about 3 hours. When done, remove meat and cut up or shred into bite-sized pieces. Remove and discard cinnamon stick and cloves. Add Orzo to sauce, stirring often to avoid sticking. Cook for about 25 minutes. Add lemon juice. Return meat to pot. In a small saucepan, cook butter until browned. Stir butter into orzo and meat mixture and serve. Serve with a salad and Feta Cheese as a side. Serves approximately 6-8 servings. Jan’s Note: If mixture becomes too thick, add chicken broth or water, a little at a time.
    For the Crock Pot Method:
    1. In a skillet brown the seasoned short ribs in olive oil. Add onions and mint, cooking until onions are tender. Transfer ribs and onions to crock-pot. Cover meat with tomato sauce, cloves and cinnamon. Cook on high for about 6 hours or until ribs are tender. Remove meat. Cut or shred into bite-sized pieces. Add Orzo to the sauce. Cook for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the meat back to the cooked Orzo. Add the melted butter and lemon. Stir and serve.