Candy Charcuterie Board
Candy Charcuterie Board
    1. Choose a tray or board. Mine was 18” by 12”.
    Step #2:
    1. Look for fun, colorful containers and scoops. Party City is a great place to start.
    Step #3:
    1. For retro and vintage candy, I included: Necco Wafers, candy necklaces, Sugar Daddy’s, candy cigarettes, Pixy Stix and Beemans, Clove and Blackjack gum.
    Step #4:
    1. For regional treats, I included Mexican Del La Rosa Marzipan candy and a taco made of gummy candies.
    Step #5:
    1. For novelties, I added Sponge Bob Square Pants gummy hamburgers, cotton candy and tins of mint “Impowermints”, “Enlightenmints” and “14th Ammendmints”!
    Step #6:
    1. Add a lot of fan favorites: Bubble gum, M&M’s, hard candies, old fashioned candy stick, Licorice and Boston Baked Beans.
    Step #7:
    1. Look for treats that give back. Ace Hardware sells chocolate bars that help raise money for Children’s Hospitals around the country.
    Step #8:
    1. Incorporating mini boxes of fresh popped popcorn helps balance out the sweet with salty!
    Step #9:
    1. Find sweets and treats with a theme. For instance, for the Big Game day, include chocolate footballs and mini toothpick pennants.
    Recipe Notes

    Where to find these items!

    • I found all of my fun retro, vintage and novelty candies and mints at Old Town Candy And Toys, 4000 N Scottsdale Rd.

    • Scoops, candy containers, mini popcorn boxes, chocolate footballs and pennants, individually wrapped bite sized candy and Pixy Stix are available at Party City

    • Food City has the Del La Rosa Marzipan candy